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Mixed Media
DYPTICH - What ya Looking At!   46w x 61h    $500.00

46w x 61h  

Obsolecent      60w x 90h        $450.00

You decide      40w x 50h        $200.00

Deep thought     90w x 60h        $800.00

Bliss       60w x 90h         $800.00

Into the shadows     91w x 91h     $800.00

Hang on       57w x 74h       $500.00

EEK!       57 x 75h        $650.00

Cute!, Aren't I!     57 x 75h     $650.00

Days end       91w x 76h        $500.00

Yes, What!     60w x 90h      $400.00


2017 Royal Queensland Show

Mmm       91w x 61h        $400.00

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