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Nika Norman  -  Frog Hollow Studio

Over the years teaching both as a school teacher and art tutor/mentor I have been able to contribute to the development of many talented and wonderful people over the entire age spectrum. I have been rewarded by seeing them gain confidence in their own creativity.

I have been involved in designing and implementing courses as part of a University Teaching degree and have seen these students gain skills and leave with enthusiasm and confidence in implementing the creative arts in the classroom. Also as an artist in residence at Bossley Park Primary School over a 5 year period, I have implemented programs and conducted teacher professional learning sessions in schools and venues throughout New South Wales both in the public and private school systems. 


My passion for the creative arts has enabled me to impart my knowledge and love of the arts to students and adults and see them develop their own creativity and confidence in approaching art and life.


Art allows a person to reduce stress, gain self esteem and work through their problems. Connecting with art, places the individual in control by giving them the opportunity to relax away from the stress of everyday life. The art of being creative helps to decrease everyday stress and anxieties. By participating in the arts also assists in dealing with depression and increases self esteem and a feeling of wellness.

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