AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am-12pm including morning tea


Session 1 – Creating Backgrounds

Learn to manipulate a variety of materials and learn new techniques to create a great variety of backgrounds to use in your journals or altered books. (stencilling, printing, resist, antipasto collage etc).dyeing paper.

Session 2 – Create a Page

Create a page using one of your backgrounds as a start/base/beginning, embellish with collage using patterned paper, drawing, painting and calligraphy.

All materials provided no minimum class size, maximum class size 10.



“A class where there is no wrong”

AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am-12pm including morning tea


Create your own mixed media canvas using acrylics, crayons, inks, textas, impasto medium by experimenting with paint application(no brushes) and crayon resist techniques, stencilling, mono printing, polystyrene, printing, etc.

All materials provided, maximum 10 per class.




AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am to 12pm including morning tea


Introduction to chalk pastels. Learn about the differences between pastel pencils and soft pastels and when to use them to the best effect, Discover how to apply pastels for different effects. What type of papers or boards to use and what differences does it make. The importance of background colour. Learn when to use and how to apply fixatives.


You will create your own unique landscape or still life picture using chalk pastels.


All materials provided.




These can be exclusively tailored to the needs and desires of the individual or group. Beginners to experienced, ages from 10years old and above all are welcome.


Have a birthday party or any party with a difference! Consider an art themed party. 


Please contact us for our special party and group rates.









AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am – 12pm including morning tea


Learn to draw or fine tune your drawing techniques.

This class will cater for beginners to intermediate. We will use a variety of drawing mediums such as pencil, pen, charcoal and pastels. Each week we will treat a different subject matter, eg: still life, floral, perspective, landscape, tone, texture, animal portraits and discover the use of line, shape, tone, texture in creating representational drawings.




Painting for Beginners to Intermediate

AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am - 12pm including morning tea


Come and discover different painting techniques using acrylic paint. Experiment with mediums and paint application. Discover your own creativity and style.

Subject matter is open. Bring a photograph you wish to paint or complete a painting step-by-step learning various techniques and skills.


Paint, paper and boards provided, canvases, if required, are available at cost.




AGE: 12years to adult

9.30am - 12pm

$25.00 including morning tea

How many different ways can you create an image by printing?

From simple mono-prints, polystyrene printing, stencilling, collographs, linocuts and screen printing are just a few of the many methods used in printmaking.

Come along and experiment with printing techniques to create unique artworks, card or even t-shirts.




AGE: 12years to Adult

One-Off Class 2 1/2 Hour class

9.30am - 12pm including morning tea


12 years to Adult



AGE: 14years to adult

One Day a Week for 4 weeks

9.30am - 12pm including morning tea


Each week we will use one or two techniques to create colourful images. No harmful chemicals used. All products are water based. Most materials are provided.